Make selling simpler.
A simplified online storefront to manage and sell your products.
Why Tappishop?
Simple and Straightforward to setup.
3 easy steps within 3 minutes.
Showcase your products to your customers on any social chat and they can view and order products directly.
Easy to manage and maintain your online storefront.
Receive sales orders information directly to your email and Whatsapp
It’s free to use.
No hidden charges and no limits in product postings.
Are you having these problems in selling now?
Repeatedly explaining products and payment to different customers and social media.
Save time for yourself and share Tappishop store link to user with all the information to Whatsapp, FB messenger, Instagram and other social media
Sending multiple photos, videos of products.
Customers will get confused when receiving too many photos in Whatsapp or social media or referring them to different Facebook or Instagram to view their product photos
Too much maintenance in certain online sites.
Tappishop is flexible and keeps all products in 1 online storefont for your easy management

Set up your online storefront now.

Enter preferred shop name
Create an account
Email Confirmation
Set up shop profile and verify mobile number
Start uploading products
Share to your customers
Receive sales order via email and directly to WhatsApp soon
We are here to help you and to see your business grow.
Get the help you need every step of the way.
Simplify your online selling now and don’t waste time.