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Tappishop is open for everyone! You will just need an email address to register for a Tappishop account to start purchasing and / or selling online. You can use the account as both Buyer and Seller. The registration is open for all citizen with the legal age.
How to reset password?
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Forgot your account password? No worries, you can follow these simple steps to reset your password:
  1. Once on the "Log In" page, click on the "Forgot password?"
  2. Enter the email associated with your Tappishop account and click "Next" to proceed.
  3. You will receive an email from Tappishop containing a link to reset password. Clicks on the Reset Password button and follow the instruction to key in your new password
  4. Click on "Save" and you will be able to login with the new password.
How can I change my password?
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You able to change your password at "Profile", click on the "Password" then you can enter your current password and fill in the new password.
How can I change my account details?
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You can change your account details at "Profile" under "My Account" section.
How can I contact Tappishop customer service?
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You can reach us via email support@tappishop.com. Do remember to include your Tappishop username or shop name and a short statement about your query for our reference to serve you in a more efficient manner.
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Seller Guides
How to setup shop in Tappishop?
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Setup your online shop and start to selling online in Tappishop, with these 3 simple steps:
  1. Insert your preferred shop name.
  2. Create an account or login to your exisiting acount if you have sign up before
  3. Fill in required shop details, complete mobile phone number verification and you may proceed to upload products and start selling online.
Why did I not receive my verification code when set up shop profile?
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Common reasons on why you did not receive verification code:
  1. The OTP service provider is having some technical difficulties delaying the request.
    • You can click on "Resend OTP" to process your OTP request again. Majority of the cases will be resolved once you click on "Resend OTP".
  2. The mobile connection is not stable at the moment.
    • Your OTP request may be delayed due to poor mobile connection. You may try switching between WiFi and mobile data or connecting to a different network connection to solve this issue.
    • You may try "Resend OTP" once your mobile connection has been restored.
How do I add new products in my shop?
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You may start listing your first product by following these steps:
  1. Complete shop setup setup by after account registration.
  2. Click on "Add New Product" and upload your product picture(s), insert the product name, product details, category, price, stock quantity, preferred delivery & payment methods from customer.
  3. Click "Add" and your product is now listed on Tappishop!
How do I setup payment methods for my shop?
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Set up at least one payment method in your shop to collect your sales revenue. You can set Cash on Delivery, Online Banking, E-wallet and others preferred payment methods. If you are using Cash on Delivery, you can provide the details on preferred time & places to meet up to complete the transaction. If you prefer Online Banking or other payment option, include necessary details for buyer to transfer the payment.
How do I setup delivery methods for my shop?
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You can set Shipping and Self Collect method for your product(s). If you are using shipping carriers to deliver your products, you can insert the courier partner name with their calculated shipping rates for the products. If you are choosing Self Collect method for your products, include details on preferred time & places to meet so that your customer may arrange to collect the item on their own.
How do I get payment?
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You will need to setup your preferred payment method(s) at Shop Settings page or during adding new product. Buyer will proceed from the available payment options and upload the payment proof to complete the transaction. We will notify once payment proof is uploaded and you may check the payment proof at the Manage Orders page by select "View payment proof".
How do I check shop orders?
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You will receive an email notification on your order and you may also check at the Shop Orders page. Steps to access the Shop Orders page:
  1. Click on the "Sidebar Menu" on the top left and select your shop in Manage My Shops page.
  2. Goes to shop setting by clicking on the "3 dots" icon on the top right of the screen.
  3. Select "Manage Orders" to view the Shop Orders page.
How should I prepare and ship out the orders?
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Once buyers successfully proceed their payment and upload the payment proof, you will receive the email notification with the order status - Payment received. You may proceed to ship out the order after that:
  1. Pack your order by using the right packing techniques and good packaging materials to ensure the buyer will receive the parcel in good condition.
  2. Once done packing, you need to shipped out the order based buyer selected delivery method. Don't forget to mark the order as "Mark as shipped" at the Order Details page following by fill in the Tracking Number and Courier Name.
  3. When the order successfully delivered to buyer, you will receive an email notification and the order status now will show as Completed.
Can I cancel buyer's order?
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Yes, you can cancel buyer's order at the Manage Orders page by clicking "Cancel Order". Choose a Reason for the cancellation and make a refund of the amount received from the buyer (if payment has been received).
What happen if buyer cancelled the order?
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Buyer can cancel the order before making the payment and if the order is yet to ship out. You will receive notification on the cancellation, and the status of the order in Shop Orders page will show as Cancelled status. You may click on the cancelled order to view the Cancel Details & reason for the cancelation from buyer. Please do not ship out the item for the cancelled order.
Can I change my shop status to unpublished?
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Yes, you can unpublish your shop by following steps below:
  1. Click on "Sidebar Menu" and select "Manage Your Shops".
  2. After that, click on the "Unpublish" button for the shop that you would like to unpublish.
When your shop is in unpublish status, it will be offline and will not be able to receive any orders.
What should I include in my product details?
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We encourage you to fill in as much details as possible because the more product details you include, the more likely a buyer will purchase your product! General guidelines for product details: Product name: Insert clear and precise Product Name Product description: Includes more details in the description (such as materials, colours, dimensions, conditions) so that the customer can understand better on the product Product picture: Upload only clear photos and best with image from multiple angles, the dimension of the photo is minimum 500x500 pixels. Category: Insert most relevant category of the product
Does Tappishop provide products to sell in my shop?
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No. With Tappishop, you can sell services, digital or physical products that you manufacture by yourself, or resell products of other suppliers. Tappishop do not provide any products for seller.
How to edit my shop details?
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You can customize the details of your shop with easy steps below:
  1. Visit your own shop page from "Manage My Shops" in the Sidebar menu
  2. Click on the "3 dots" icon on top right of your shop page and select "Edit Shop Profile".
  3. You may start to edit your shop details such as cover photo, shop's logo, shop's description and etc.
  4. Remember to click "Done" after your edit.
Note: The dimension of shop's cover photo is minimum 820x312 pixel, while for shop's logo is minimum 500x500 pixel.
How to edit my product details?
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To begin, identify the product you wish to edit.
  1. Click on the "3 dot" icon appears besides the name of the product or located at the top right of the Product page.
  2. Click on "Edit Product" and change on the product details that you would like to edit.
  3. Remember to click "Save" after the edit.
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Buyer Guides
How do I make a purchase on Tappishop?
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Tappishop strive to provide easiness for buyers to purchase from the sellers. You will need to have a Tappishop account to place your order. You can create an account or sign in as a returning customer. Follow these simple steps to get your favourite products:
  1. Search for the interested product from the shop and click "Add to Cart" with quantity intended to get.
  2. Navigate to Shopping Cart page to proceed for check out. You may edit the quantity of the products in here too.
  3. In the Checkout page, choose your preferred delivery method and make sure to check your delivery address is complete and correct to avoid lost parcel. Self collection is available for certain products too.
  4. Select your preferred payment method and click on "Place Order" to proceed with payment.
  5. You shall receive an email confirmation and may proceed to upload your payment proof at My Orders page when the payment is made.
How do I pay for my order?
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There will be multiple Payment Method set by Seller and you may select your preferred payment method at the Checkout page. Note: If you abandon or abruptly exit the Checkout page, your orders will remain unpaid and incomplete. You may continue to complete the order at the Shopping Cart page and proceed for "Place Order" at the Checkout page and select on preferred delivery and payment method.
How can I know what delivery methods are available for my items?
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"Seller will setup the Delivery Method with the delivery fees and will shown in the Checkout page. You may need to follow any instructions of the Delivery Method setup by seller after payment made."
How to check where is my order?
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Wondering where is your order? You can check your order update at My Orders page by clicking on the order to view the shipping information of Courier Name and Tracking Code at the Order Details page.
Can I cancel my order?
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Yes, you will be able to cancel your order if:
  1. You have not made full payment to your order.
  2. The seller has not shipped out the order. (The order does not have any tracking status updated yet)
  3. You have not requested for cancellation for this order before this. (You are allowed to request for cancellation once only per order.)
You can cancel your order by clicking My Orders page and select the order. After that, click on "Cancel Order" to initiate a cancellation request and select a reason for the cancellation.
Am I able to get a refund when seller cancelled my order?
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Yes, you will get a refund on the amount paid for the order that cancelled by seller. Seller will proceed to refund the amount you paid and you able to check the status at the "Cancel Details" in Order Details page.
How can I change/modify my order information?
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We cannot accommodate address changes, receiver name, shipping method, or add/remove items after an order is made. Therefore, please ensure that all of your information is correct before placing your order. You may however, follow the steps below to add or modify delivery address for next purchase.
  1. Select the person icon on the top right of the screen to view account information or visit "Profile" under My Account section.
  2. Select "Add New Address" under Delivery Address if you wish to create new recipient info.
  3. Select "Modify Address" if you wish to modify your current recipient info.
Where can I view my order history?
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To view your past orders:
  1. Click on the sidebar menu on the top left.
  2. Clicks on "My Orders" under My Purchases section to view your order history.
Note: In order to view order history, you must log in to your Tappishop account.
How can I know my order status?
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You may view your order details and status at "My Orders". Types of order status:
  1. To Pay - Upload the payment proof after payment made with selected payment method.
  2. To Ship - Seller is preparing your order and ready to be ship out with the selected delivery method.
  3. To Receive - Seller has shipped out your order. You may check your delivery status with the tracking number provided by seller.
  4. Cancelled - The order has been cancelled by yourself or seller with cancel reason.
  5. Completed - The order transaction is completed when you received the order item and click on the "Order Received" button at My Orders page.
What should I do after received the order item?
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Please ensure your item received is the correct item and are satisfied with its condition. You may proceed to click on the "Order Received" at My Orders page. Your order status will then marked as Completed.
How do I inform seller after I made the payment?
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After payment made successfully, kindly retain a copy of the payment proof and upload it in the platform. Seller will be notified once Payment Proof is uploaded. How to upload payment proof:
  1. Select "My Orders" under My Purchases section.
  2. Click on the "Upload Payment Proof" button.
  3. Upload the payment proof and seller will be notified on the payment made.
What should I do if I think my account is compromised?
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If you received an email confirming an order that you did not place or you notice and suspect any unfamiliar order(s) or any unauthorized activity, please contact us immediately by email to support@tappishop.com including:
  1. Your Tappishop username.
  2. The suspicious order number.
  3. Describe the unusual activity from your account (if any).
  4. If you still have access to your account, please change your password first to a more complex one.